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A small amount of wine with a meal helps you feel better and also helps maintain effective beauty. However, not everyone knows the best way to open a wine. There must have been a time when you saw someone or yourself struggling to open a bottle of wine, and when you opened it, the foam was already pouring out. In order not to get “lost” in this case, learn the tips for opening wine with tools and opening wine without tools below!

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There are 3 main types of buttons

The cork plays an important role in preserving the flavors and helping to perfect the final wine. Currently, wine corks are divided into 3 main types: cork (most used), plastic cork and metal cork.

The cork is a natural cork.

Cork is a type of button made from the bark of an oak tree. They are light, porous, have good elasticity, very suitable for making wine corks.

As you know, wine continues to mature after bottling, so the use of cork contributes to oxygen exchange with the environment. This is also the reason why they are preferred over other common buttons.

However, cork is often expensive, production volume is small, so there are many types of plastic and metal replacement buttons.

Three types of cork are currently in use:

– 1-piece cork: used for wine bottles with a long aging time, so the cork has a certain elasticity and resilience, creating maximum conditions for air to enter the bottle.

– Multi-piece cork: used for large wine bottles, usually made from many pieces of wood pressed together.

Colmated lie: used for young wines with a shelf life of less than 3 years.

How to open wine - there are 3 main types of buttons 1

plastic button

Plastic buttons are made from inexpensive, mass-produced synthetic resins. The downside is that the plastic stopper is not flexible, has a plastic smell, and prevents outside air from entering the bottle.

metal button

Metal stoppers are often used for wines that are no longer aged and are often found in cheap wines.

How to open wine - there are 3 main types of buttons 2

How to open wine with special tools

To open wine more easily, you can refer to the specialized tools below.

Main Button Henshall

The basic opener was created by the British in 1795 and consists of 2 main parts: a handle and a spiral metal rod. This tool is small in size, convenient and inexpensive. But the downside is that you have to put in a lot of effort to get the cork out of the bottle.

how to open 2 . window

Sommelier professional corkscrew

The professional wine bottle opener used by waiters was invented by a German in 1882. This product is compact and easy to carry. However, to use it you need a little skill, because if done incorrectly, the cork is very easy to break and damage.

how to open windows 3

Winged wine corks

Using a butterfly opener is a popular tool for many families. The method is also very simple: you turn the top button to turn the spiral piece of steel into a cork, then use the 2 butterfly wings on both sides to lift the cork out of the neck of the bottle.

how to open windows 4

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How to open wine without tools

In addition to the ways to open wine with the above tools, there are more urgent cases that need to be handled quickly below.

Use a sharp knife

Using a sharp knife is a common method and is easy to use anywhere. You just need to use a small knife with a blade, insert the blade deep into the cork. Then, one hand holds the bottle of wine while the other hand rotates the knife to unscrew the cork.

how to open windows 5

spiral nails

Spiral nails are also very useful in the usual way of opening wine at home. To do this, place the screw at an angle of about 45 degrees, and then slowly screw the screw into the cork with a fork or pliers to make the cork sound. Please note that only small screws are used, do not use screws that are too large, this may break the cork.

how to open windows 6

Being nailed to a wine cork

You can use 2 long nails that are facing each other at a 45-degree angle. Press firmly with your hand to push the nail deep into the cork. Then you take 2 nails and slowly rotate clockwise to pull up the cork.

how to open windows 7

bottle neck heating

If you are wondering how to open the wine, heat the bottle neck with a lighter for about 1 minute. The heat then causes the air in the bottle to expand and push the cork out.

how to open windows 8

use a spoon

You can take a spoon or use it at home, tilted about 45 degrees. Deep in a wine cork. Place the bottle of wine upright on the table. You hold the spoon in one hand and rotate the bottle counterclockwise with the other.

Using car keys

Opening wine with a car key is also very simple: use a locking spoon at an angle of about 45 degrees to the neck of the bottle. Push deep into the cork and start rotating the cork clockwise until it pops out all the way.

how to open windows 9


So with these simple tools and tips, anyone can open wine easily without too much effort!

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