Chai xịt khuẩn không khí nào tốt phòng ngừa virus corona?

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Chai xịt khuẩn không khí nào tốt phòng ngừa virus corona?

The buying demand of users of air disinfection spray is very important in light of the current situation, the current development of the corona virus epidemic is spreading, the number of virus infections is increasing. However, not all products are good, and at the same time have antibacterial and antiviral effects.

You must know how to choose a good and cheap antibacterial spray, especially how to use the most effective antibacterial spray! If you do not have experience or complete information related to this issue, please refer to the article below! You will definitely find the best product for you!

Table of contents

  • A/ Can aerosol sprays kill corona virus?
  • B/ Criteria for selecting products with aerosols
    • Products with less chemicals
    • Choose a brand-name antibacterial spray.
    • Choose a reasonable price nebulizer
  • C / The best air disinfectant spray today
    • 1. Aqua . antibacterial spray
    • 2. Pureter Kids Air Disinfectant Spray
    • 3. Disinfectant Lysol, Air Disinfectant Bottle.
    • 4. Ozium Air Disinfectant
    • 5. 3M . natural deodorant spray bottle
    • 6. Resparkle . Sanitizing Spray Bottle

A/ Can aerosol sprays kill corona virus?

The corona virus epidemic is considered a global pandemic, with a very large spread, high number of deaths. In addition to using medical masks, using hand sanitizer, and antibacterial hand sanitizer, the addition of resistance-strengthening products, disinfecting the air around you is essential.

To keep your living space clean and safe, you must use a disinfectant spray!

According to experts, corona virus spreads through the air when sick people talk, sneeze, cough … Therefore, the use of aerosol antibacterial tableware spray is very necessary. But to be effective, you need to choose good disinfectant sprays that both purify the air and ensure the health and safety of everyone.

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B/ Criteria for selecting products with aerosols

Products with less chemicals

In addition to good sterilization criteria, there is also a safety factor. Not harming health is also very important. You should carefully read the information on ingredients, choose products with less chemicals. It is best to choose products with clear origin, ingredients extracted from natural herbs and certified by the Ministry of Health.

Choose a brand-name antibacterial spray.

Regardless of which product you decide to buy, you should give preference to products of large, well-known and reputable brands in the market. The big brands will give you peace of mind in this regard thanks to the strictest manufacturing standards. Currently on the market, products from big brands such as Quantum Care, Lifeboy, Dr Clean, Good Look, Green Gross… are highly appreciated by consumers, you can consider choosing!

Choose a reasonable price nebulizer

Currently, there are very few disinfectant sprays on the market. lead to price fluctuations. But you should be careful when choosing brands with domestic production and distribution. Good quality and quite affordable price.

However, you still need to be wary of “super cheap, 100% germicidal” products. Usually, you get what you pay for, too cheap, the product will not be warranted, especially during the current corona virus epidemic.

C / The best air disinfectant spray today

1. Aqua . antibacterial spray

Products are imported directly from Russia in the form of spray guns. The composition of the product does not contain chlorine, does not contain dyes and luminescent substances, safe for users. Rated as the best antibacterial spray for mom and baby today!



Auqa antibacterial spray has antibacterial, antibacterial activity, preventing corona virus infection. When you spray the solution on the surface of household items, it will prevent bacteria from sticking and entering.

Disinfectant spray bottle has a pleasant aroma, does not stick to objects, forms a thin film to protect the health of the whole family.

Price: 250k/ 300ml


2. Pureter Kids Air Disinfectant Spray

Pureter Kids originates from Korea, has bactericidal and disinfecting effects in the air. In addition, this Korean air purifier also eliminates odors, smoke, pollution, removes mold and harmful bacteria.

The composition of the spray does not contain fragrance, alcohol, so it is safe for all subjects, including babies and pregnant women.

How to use: Mom sprayed directly into the air, on clothes, on the body. In particular, you should take it before meals or when you want to be around young children. This ensures that you are not infected with the corona virus.



Price: The product is currently packaged in 2 types. Small bottle of 60ml can be taken anywhere, priced at 60k. 500ml big bottle for family use, company price 250k.


3. Disinfectant Lysol, Air Disinfectant Bottle.

Lysol Disnfectant is the children’s brand of Lysol recommended by US pediatricians. The product contains disinfectant capable of killing 99.9% of pathogenic viruses, including corona virus. In addition, the product also eliminates unpleasant odors in the room, ensuring you and everyone will have a fresh and clean space. Of course, the smell of the Lysol air sanitizer bottle will not be strong or make you feel uncomfortable.



How to use: You can use disinfectant spray for children’s rooms, spray directly on items in the house, or use it to clean household items, especially children’s toys and utensils.

  • Disinfection: Spray and let dry for about 10 minutes.
  • Disinfect baby toys: You also spray about 10 minutes!
  • Cleaning: Spray and leave on for about 30 seconds.
  • Disinfect clothes: spray a long line onto fabric until slightly damp, do not wash and let dry naturally.
  • Mold prevention: Spray on the surface, let it dry naturally.

– Price: 280k/538g


4. Ozium Air Disinfectant

This is a product of the OZIUM brand from the USA. Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray can remove up to 90% of mold and odors in rooms and cars. Especially in the current period of the corona epidemic spreading strongly, this is the best spray with the ability to effectively kill bacteria.



The product works by mechanism: micron-sized Ozium particles attach to bacteria and odor-causing molecules in the air through an EPA-certified glycol freezing mechanism.

– How to use: You just need to shake the bottle well and spray on everywhere and objects in the room. However, do not spray directly on people, pets, drinks or food.

– Price: 279,000 VND / 100ml


5. 3M . natural deodorant spray bottle

Products branded 3M from My. The spray head is manufactured according to modern technology using Nano Gree 3 technology for the most effective deodorizing, bactericidal and antibacterial capabilities.



With only 3 sprays, all bacteria, odors, and mold will be quickly eliminated, giving you a fresh space and protecting the health of your family.

The product is extracted from natural herbs combined with eucalyptus essential oil, so the fragrance is very delicate, giving users a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

– Price: 109k/100ml

6. Resparkle . Sanitizing Spray Bottle

The product is distributed by the manufacturer Resparkle (from Australia). This brand has many product lines on the market such as: biological dishwashing liquid, organic kitchen cleaner, organic laundry detergent, organic floor cleaner, organic children’s toy cleaner, etc. Resparkle is highly appreciated by consumers. .



The product has many advantages such as: small nozzle design with convenient lid. The bottle is made from recycled plastic. The front of the product has the name of the product and a brief description of its use. The back is full of product information, NASAA organic certification, product origin and anti-counterfeiting barcode. Especially, the bactericidal effect is very good, killing 99.99% of bacteria on hands, surfaces of objects, and exposed utensils.

The composition of the product is extracted 100% from natural ingredients of plant origin, organic essence, no synthetic fragrances, so the product has a herbal flavor. However, the smell dissipates very quickly!

– Price: 199k/100ml


Above are the top 5 most popular air disinfectant spray bottles today. Surely they will help you protect the health of all members of your family!

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