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Grapefruit is a familiar Tet fruit of Vietnamese people, but this year’s Tet may be different from previous years in the appearance of red pomelo, the fruit that causes a fever during Tet. This Ty.

Red is a color that symbolizes luck, joy and fortune, perhaps that is one of the reasons why many people choose to buy red grapefruit, in addition, there are many information flows that believe that eating red grapefruit is better, curing health problems. get more diseases. So how true is the story of the red grapefruit, let’s follow the article below to get the answer!

Red pomelo is a new fruit on the market during the upcoming Tet holiday, although it is sold at the garden for a high price of 150,000 VND/fruit, retailing at 200,000 VND/fruit, there are even large, beautiful and eye-catching fruits. It has a selling price of about 2 million VND but many customers still accept to spend money to buy it for Tet display or as a gift.

This is the selling price at the time of Tet, and according to this momentum, the closer to the New Year, the higher the price of red pomelos, which can be many times more expensive than it is now. It is known that the reason many people choose to buy red grapefruit is because it has a beautiful color, a more delicious taste than normal green-skinned grapefruit, is good for health because of its high nutritional content, … but also has a lot of nutrients. lots of. of information. about that. This red fruit can be mixed with drugs, unsafe for health…

So the best answer for you is:

Red pomelo is a pomelo variety preserved and developed according to Decision No. 4924/QD-UBND dated September 24, 2014 City People’s Committee. Hanoi. Many people choose to buy this type of pomelo because it has beautiful and eye-catching colors when displayed on the altar on Tet holiday, it will look more beautiful and impressive.

Red grapefruit fever near Tet

As for the nutritional composition of red grapefruit, according to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (Institute of Food Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology) shared: “Eating red grapefruit is like eating other pomegranates, really good for health. no harm, but don’t exaggerate when you think that they have the ability to cure this and that, the nutritional value is much higher than other grapefruits of the same type.” Currently, there is no scientific evidence to confirm that eating red grapefruit will be better, cure many diseases, tonic, … than other types of grapefruit, so you need to be careful when shopping during Tet. .

At the same time, red grapefruit is just a natural mutant grapefruit such as red banana, purple longan, purple mango, … using these mutant foods will not cause harm to health. Mainly because the mutant fruit produces strange colors and shapes, it is more expensive on important occasions than usual, so this is the reason why red pomelos are sought after by many people during Tet. more expensive.

Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper

Hopefully, through the information shared from this article, you will know why red grapefruit causes such a fever in the near future.

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