What is snail chess? Chess sport brought the first Gold Medal for Vietnam SEA Games 32

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Snail chess, also known as Khmer chess, is an alternative to chess at the 32nd SEA Games being held in Cambodia. As a traditional sport of the host country, the 32nd SEA Games is the first time in its life that the sport of Snail has been included in the official list of competitions. So what is Snail Chess? How to play Cambodian snail chess? We invite you to learn about this interesting subject through the following content of Charts Please.

What is Snail Chess?

What is Snail Chess? Ouk Chaktrang – known as Snail Flag or Khmer flag has been popular in Cambodia for centuries. This Cambodian chess game has some similarities with chess when using a chessboard with 64 squares and each player holding 16 pieces.

The initial arrangement of pieces in snail chess. Image: CEN

What is snail chess?

Besides, Knowledge About the pieces in Chess, there are also 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Rooks, 2 Horses, 2 Statues and 8 Pawns. But the basic difference between Snail Chess and Chess is the allocation of pieces and the way of each piece. The 8 Pawns are on top but one row apart, instead of standing close to the bottom compared to the rest of the Chess, Queen, Rook, Horse, and Statue.

What is the difference of Snail Chess?

All 10 players from our country attending the 32nd SEA Games have switched from chess in a short time, thanks to the similarities of these two subjects. In our country, snail chess is played by a part of Khmer people living in localities in the South. However, this subject is not really popular, so people who understand the rules of the game are not many and even want to buy a snail chess set must also be imported from Cambodia.

The chess board has 64 squares in an 8×8 square, each side has 16 initial pieces, including a king, queen, two statues, a horse, a rook and eight pawns. The pieces are arranged in the first two horizontal rows on each side, at the starting position. The pawns can initially go one or two squares, then can only go one square at a time, take a cross, and when they reach the last row they can be promoted to queen, rook, statue or code as they like. .

In chess, the code moves in the shape of an L, unimpeded by other pieces. Statues go diagonally, unlimited number of cells. Vehicles go in a straight or horizontal line and there is no limit to the number of cells. Queen is the strongest piece in chess, can go and eat pieces like rooks and statues combined. The player will win when all opponents are drawn, that is, when the opponent still has no water to block or the king disappears a valid move.

The snail chess comes from the Khmer word ouk, which means chess. Cambodians call this sport ouk chatrang, chhoeu trang, or chaturang. People outside Cambodia often call this sport Khmer chess. It is almost exactly like Thai makruk, a sport that is quite popular in this country.

The snail chess board is similar to chess, but it does not divide the cell color into white and black like chess. Each side also has 16 pieces, including a king, queen, two statues, horse, rook and eight pawns. The way the Cambodians call the names of the snail chess pieces has other possibilities, such as the car being a boat, and the good being the fish. The king moves like a king in Chess, but the first move is made like a horse. The Queen can still walk straight and diagonally like the Chess queen, although only one square can be moved. The statue is only allowed to cross one square. Meanwhile the pawns, knights, and rooks still move like chess. Particularly good can be awarded when advancing to row 6.

The original starting position of snails is different in that the two kings are placed diagonally, not opposite each other like chess. The pawns are also placed on the third and sixth horizontal rows, instead of the second and seventh like chess. The snail flag does not have special moves such as entering a city, catching a good crossing, or being good at two squares in the beginning.

The queen in snail chess is in the weak group, because she can only cross one square at a time, like a soldier in chess. On the first move, the queen can advance two squares as pawn, provided the front pawn has moved. The statue walks roughly the same as the queen, but adding a search is going straight ahead one square.

The movement of the code and the rook in snail chess is still no different from chess. That means the most powerful rook on the board, since it is the only piece with no limit on the number of cells in each turn. It can go from row one to row eight in just one move, while the rest of the pieces take at least four moves or more.

Pawn (fish) in snail chess also goes straight one square, cross one square, does not go backwards. however, when it comes to row six, the fish is said to be “out of the box”, turning into a leveled up fish. at that time, it has the ability to move and eat the same piece as the queen in snail chess, that is, go diagonally one square and can go backwards. The number of fish allowed to level up is unlimited, up to eight pieces. In snail chess, the player wins when all players, or the opponent runs out of time, is the same as chess.

With the queens and statues having limited movement, this will definitely limit the attack power of these two pieces. Therefore, according to most players, Snail Chess will still not have fast and bold moves like chess.

Flag snail - sport

What is the difference of Snail Chess?

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Flag Snail brings the first Gold Medal for Vietnam SEA Games 32

Despite the definition of snail chess – a very new sport, our country’s Chess Federation has tried to organize training programs and competitions for our country’s players. At the national tournament at the end of 2022, the snail flag existed in the competition information.

At the 2023 Southeast Asian Championship, our country’s snail chess team participated and achieved very unique results with 2 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal. With this achievement, our country’s snail chess team is only behind host Cambodia and this is not surprising.

When Cambodia announced that it would bring snail chess into the 32nd SEA Games, the head of chess under the General Department of Physical Education and Sports Nguyen Minh Thang also posted it. Facebook Ask your friends and family to find players who know how to play this strange sport. However, Mr. Thang could not choose anyone to include in the team. After that, our country’s Chess Federation made a large announcement about the selection of snail chess players for the 32nd SEA Games. Since then, chess players have started to study how to play this sport, because the two subjects have different characteristics. many similarities.

Players Ton Nu Hong An and Pham Thanh Phuong Thao have just won the first gold medal at the 32nd SEA Games. On the afternoon of May 2, in the 60-minute standard two-person female snail chess content. After this achievement, Hong An said that she found snail chess to have many interesting points, especially the rules of king hunting and counting rules.

The rule of hunting kings consists of two types, the first is in the situation that neither side is still good initially, that is, they are all caught or have become leveled fish. At that time, the weak side has the ability to shout out loud for the opponent to start hunting the king. In the next 64 moves, if the dominant side cannot play all, the game will be drawn.

These complicated rules tell us that snail chess is also very different from chess. However, all 10 Vietnamese players who played snails at the 32nd SEA Games learned chess professionally from a young age. They all had the title of FIDE Master (FM, WFM), or International Master (IM, WIM) in chess, before switching to snails. Among them, player Vo Thanh Ninh is ranked ninth in our country in chess, often playing in strong domestic tournaments.

Because they could not afford to join the national chess team, they switched to learning chess and in less than a year were able to represent Vietnam at the Games. In addition to the 60-minute women’s doubles gold medal, which is firmly in hand, Vietnam also has two representatives in the men’s singles semi-final at 5 minutes, Hoang Nam Thang and Nguyen Quang Trung.

SEA Games 24 will take place in Thailand, and many chess prowess will not happen again, instead makruk chess like snail chess. Our country can completely turn this sport into another intellectual sports gold mine in the region, after chess or chess.

Some information about the two Co Snail players who won the Gold Medal

Portrait of two snail chess players who won the first gold medal at the 32nd SEA Games - Photo 1.

Phuong Thao and Hong An won the first Gold Medal for our country’s sport in the 32nd SEA Games snail chess game

With Pham Thanh Phuong Thao, the 24-year-old girl was once considered a young talent of the Vietnamese chess village when she started playing chess at the age of 6 and only 4 years later, the girl of the Hai Phong team won a gold medal at the Asian Youth Championship. ASIAN. However, since then, Phuong Thao’s career has begun to “sink” despite having attended international tournaments.

Still not having a good career in chess, Phuong Thao suddenly turned to snail chess when this subject was brought into our country to practice for the 32nd SEA Games. “I decided to try my hand at a new subject. After a long period of stagnation in chess and compared to me, snail chess also has its own interesting”, Phuong Thao shared.

Portrait of two snail chess players who won the first gold medal at the 32nd SEA Games - Photo 2.

Phuong Thao is considered a player with a sure play style

Meanwhile, Phuong Thao’s teammate Ton Nu Hong An is still the top chess player in our country. The 31-year-old girl from Lam Dong who is playing for Ba Ria Vung Tau is currently a grandmaster of the World Chess Federation. With her natural talent, Hong An quickly integrated with the new subject and achieved a silver medal at the Southeast Asian Championship earlier this year and only lost to her teammate Vu Thi Dieu Uyen.

Entering the tournament and meeting the host Cambodia, the duo Phuong Thao – Hong An played very well to achieve absolute victory. The victory has helped our country’s players have more confidence to continuously beat Myanmar, Malaysia and especially win against the two top candidates Thailand and the Philippines to win gold before a satisfying round.

Portrait of two snail chess players who won the first gold medal at the 32nd SEA Games - Photo 3.

Hong An quickly integrated with the snail flag

In addition to the efforts and efforts of Phuong Thao and Hong An, the gold medal was also contributed with the proposed strategy. Vice President of the Vietnam Chess Federation and coach Phung Nguyen Tuong Minh said: “The coach has decided to allocate Phuong Thao to play at table 1, Hong An at table 2 and that is a reasonable strategy of the land team. our country.

Because Phuong Thao with her play style is sure to be tied with the opponent’s number 1 period. Meanwhile, Hong An with a very confident and experienced attacking style will be the one to be assigned the role of defeating the No. 2 opponent. The two children have worked very hard on their mission to achieve the first gold medal for the team. our country’s sports delegation at the 32nd SEA Games.

Portrait of two snail chess players who won the first gold medal at the 32nd SEA Games - Photo 4.

The joy of our country’s snail chess

Not too famous in the chess career, but now the names of Phuong Thanh and Hong An will be known more. With the first gold medal for our country’s sports, Phuong Thao and Hong An were awarded a hot prize of $2,000 by the President of the Vietnam Chess Federation Pham Van and other prizes from our country’s sports delegation.


Hope with the information that Trường Tiểu học Trảng Dài.com provided above, you will have the answer about what is the game of Co Snail? At the same time can better understand the rules as well as information about this interesting Cambodian snail flag. Besides, to learn more about other topics, you can visit at Trường Tiểu học Trảng Dài.com Please.

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