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Lightning cable is a type of phone and tablet charging cable used to support iPhone and iPad charging, in addition to supporting the transmission of information and signals from electronic devices to each other. Join thtrangdai.edu.vn to learn how to choose the right brand of Lightning cable to buy!

What is a Lightning cable?

Lightning cable (or iPhone charging cable) is a charging cable used to charge Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. This is an 8-pin connection port used to transfer data or charge power exclusively by Apple to the secondary screen, camera, USB battery charger, etc.

In addition to the main function of charging, the Lightning cable can also transmit data to the computer. However, some Lightning cable products only have battery charging features without support for signal and data transmission.

Lightning cable 2m eValu LTL-04X can charge and transfer data

Criteria for choosing to buy a Lightning cable

Charging head design: Type-A or Type-C

Lightning charging cables are divided into two main types: Type A and Type C. The ends that connect to the iPhone of the two cables are the same, but the other end that connects to the adapter and computer has a different design. together.

As for the Type-C cable line, which is suitable for those who like fast charging, Type-C also supports the USB PD (USB Power delivery) high-speed charging standard. The advantage of Type-C cable is that it charges faster than Type-A, with a maximum capacity of up to 100W.

Belkin CAA003 Type C - Lightning MFI 1m cable supports fast charging for the device

Belkin CAA003 Type C – Lightning MFI 1m cable supports fast charging for the device

Type-A cables are the most popular type today, so the cable’s flexibility is high. Most USB ports equipped in public places such as airports and cafes are compatible with Type-A cables.

The material is highly durable

Normally, the material of the cable is usually made of nylon or plastic. Nylon material is usually more durable than plastic. According to research at mybest, after bending the cable 1200 times and stretching it 200 times, 36% of plastic cables broke, 20% of nylon cables broke.

However, the factor that determines the durability of a cable is not only the outer shell, but also depends on increasing the density of wiring inside the cable, which can make the cable more durable.

Type C Cable - Lightning MFI 1.2m Belkin Duratex Plus F8J243

Belkin Duratex Plus F8J243 Type C – Lightning MFI 1.2m cable is covered with durable Aramid fiber

Cable length is suitable for usage needs

Lightning cables come in many different sizes, so we must clearly determine the purpose of the cable and choose the appropriate cable length.

  • Cables over 2 meters are suitable for use at home
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Cables over 2m are very suitable for you to use at home, convenient when used in places far from power sources or sockets far from where you want to charge your phone. You don’t need to worry about the cable being too short, and you don’t have to worry about leaving the phone charging too far away and not being able to control it.

Belkin F3Y02 5m Round HDMI 2.0 Cable Black

Belkin F3Y02 5m Round HDMI 2.0 Cable Black

  • Cables from 50cm – 2m are easy to roll up and move

For cables with lengths from 50cm – 2m, you can easily roll them up and store them neatly. This is a mid-range cable length. You don’t need to worry about the cable being too long and getting in the way, or the cable being too short and difficult to move.

Type C - Lightning MFI cable 1m Playa PM1004

Type C – Lightning MFI cable 1m Playa PM1004

  • Cable under 50cm short, easy to carry with you

The short cable is suitable for us when traveling and carrying. When you go out, you just need to bring your phone and backup charger to charge it compactly and without getting in the way. Therefore, choosing a cable with a length of less than 50cm is extremely reasonable.

Lightning cable 20cm AVA+ CN034

Lightning cable 20cm AVA+ CN034

Pay attention to the actual charging performance

If you want your phone to charge quickly, when buying a charging cable, you should pay attention to the charging speed of the cable, including two values: maximum supported current (A) and maximum supported power (W).

When choosing to buy a Lightning cable, you need to carefully read the current and capacity specifications noted on the packaging, to choose the product that suits your needs.

Hydrus CS-C-021 1m Lightning cable for 12W fast charging speed

Hydrus CS-C-021 1m Lightning cable for 12W fast charging speed

Genuine Apple product or MFi certified product

When choosing a Lightning cable, you should prioritize products with MFi certification or genuine Apple products to ensure safety and warranty policy.

MFi certificate is abbreviated Made For iPod / iPhone / iPad to refer to genuine Apple products.

If you buy products that do not have MFi certification, it may cause an accessory error screen and incompatibility, or it may damage the iPhone, causing the phone to no longer charge. Therefore, you should choose genuine products with MFi certification.

Genuine Apple product or MFi certified productGenuine Apple product or MFi certified product

Check warranty when purchasing

To be sure, you should choose to buy Lightning cables from reputable places with product warranties and returns as possible to feel more secure during use.

In addition, you should also carefully check the product’s warranty period, depending on each product line, the warranty period is different.

Popular Lightning cable brands


Apple is one of the successful manufacturers of smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook,… founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on January 3, 1977 in Cupertino, California. Apple products stand out for their durable quality and beautiful design, including lightning cables.

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Type-C cable - Type-C 80 cm Apple MQ4H2 Type-C cable – Type-C 80 cm Apple MQ4H2

Some outstanding features of the Apple Lightning cable:

  • Diverse in types, delicate and luxurious colors with the main color being white.
  • Apple cables come in different forms such as: Charging cable, lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack; Type C – Lightning cable,…
  • Achieving high quality, fully meeting strict standards such as MFi certification.
  • Apple products cost about 490 – 750 thousand VND, usually higher than other brands.
  • Full warranty policy, guaranteed 1 year genuine warranty.


AVA charging cable is an exclusive brand of thtrangdai.edu.vn, established in 2018. AVA products are strictly tested to ensure user quality. AVA often produces phone accessories such as charging cables, headphones, backup batteries, etc.

Type C cable 1m AVA DS448-TB PinkType C cable 1m AVA DS448-TB Pink

Some outstanding features of Lightning AVA cable:

  • Outstanding with a compact, modern, easy-to-use design, the cable is quite long, making it convenient for users to carry with them.
  • Possesses the Cmart IC feature to help adjust the charging current to suit the source of the charging device. Small current with built-in overnight charging feature for the phone.
  • Strictly quality tested, highly durable during use. The outer shell is covered with high-quality plastic that is both insulating and safe.
  • AVA charging cable can be compatible with many devices because it is compatible with many types of cables.
  • The price of AVA charging cable is about 25 – 90 thousand VND, relatively cheap compared to other brands.


Anker is a brand under the Chinese electronics company owned by Anker Innovations. Anker accessories company was founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, China. The company specializes in manufacturing electronic accessories for computers and phones such as: Anker chargers, Anker cables,…

Type C - Lightning MFI cable 0.9m Anker PowerLine+ II A8652Type C Cable – Lightning MFI 0.9m Anker PowerLine+ II A8652

Some outstanding features of the Anker Lightning cable:

  • Outstanding with high product quality, reducing the phenomenon of unstable charging, signal loss, and slow charging.
  • Anker products meet MFi certification standards, especially compatible with many existing Apple products.
  • Anker cable has a price of about 270 – 350 thousand VND, this is an affordable price suitable for many customers.


Genuine Belkin accessories is a brand specializing in manufacturing phone components, headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. The company has spent more than 35 years of establishment and development with many products present in 64 countries.

Type C cable - Type C 2m Belkin CAB003Type C cable – Type C 2m Belkin CAB003

Some outstanding features and technologies of Belkin Lightning charging cable:

  • Charging cables have a simple, durable and extremely sturdy design. Some charging cables are covered with extremely flexible, durable, break-resistant nylon fibers.
  • Possesses powerful fast charging technology from Belkin charger to fill up phone batteries, power banks, Bluetooth headsets,… quickly.
  • Power Delivery technology automatically adjusts the voltage compatible with each device, to ensure device durability and safety when charging.
  • The MFi standard charging cable is certified by Apple, capable of fast connection and data transfer at a relatively stable speed.
  • The price of the Belkin brand ranges from 280 – 600 thousand VND, relatively higher than other brands.


AUKEY is a brand specializing in manufacturing electronic components, phones, and computers from Germany, founded in 2005. Later, AUKEY moved its headquarters to China because it saw the development potential here. AUKEY is also one of the most reputable and high-quality brands on e-commerce sites.

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USB Type-C Cable 1 m AUKEY CB-CD2 GrayUSB Type-C Cable 1 m AUKEY CB-CD2 Gray

Some outstanding features, features, and technologies of the AUKEY Lightning cable:

  • The AUKEY charging cable is of good quality and meets MFi standards, so when you use the AUKEY cable it is completely compatible with Apple products.
  • Lightning cable is made of copper core so charging speed will be 20% faster than normal charging cable.
  • AUKEY’s cables can withstand bending, bending, water resistance, and sweat resistance extremely effectively.
  • AUKEY Lightning cable has a price of about 200 – 300 thousand VND, suitable for mid-range customers.

Type C cable 2m AUKEY CB-CD3

Goods must be shipped back

250,000 VND

See featured features

  • Simple, durable design with nylon exterior.
  • Used to copy data or charge battery (use with separate adapter).
  • Pair your phone or tablet using Type-C port with your laptop via USB port, quickly transferring data.
  • USB 3.0 technology supports data transfer up to 5Gbps, 10 times faster than USB 2.0.
  • 2.4A charging current helps charge the battery quickly.
  • Use with a charger that supports Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging or Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 to quickly charge other compatible models.
  • 2 m long cord comfortably charges the phone at a distance.

See details


Mbest is the exclusive brand of Mobile World, established in 2016. Mbest always focuses on products and components for phones, computers, televisions,… helping users have more choices, especially the Mbest charging cable.

Type C - Lightning MFI cable 1m Mbest DS954

Type C – Lightning MFI cable 1m Mbest DS954

Some outstanding features and characteristics of Mbest Lightning cable:

  • Mbest charging cables are loved by many people because of their modern, simple design, the cables are made in many different colors.
  • Equipped with a USB port to easily connect to many devices such as laptops, music players, etc. In addition, there is also a Lightning plug suitable for connecting to iOS devices.
  • The cable is covered with a quality fabric layer that provides high durability, well protecting the inner core so it is less likely to be broken or damaged.
  • Mbest cable uses a maximum charging current of 2.4A to help recharge the battery quickly and easily perform operations.
  • Mbest cable has a price range of 100-300 thousand VND, suitable for many customer segments.

The above article has helped you learn how to choose the right Lightning cable brand to buy. Hope this useful information helps you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below for support!

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