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You want to add more clothes to your running front-load washing machine but don’t know what to do? thtrangdai.edu.vn will guide you how to safely open a front-load washing machine while running through the following article!

Can the door of a front-load washing machine be opened while it is in operation?

Normally, when the washing machine is operating, the door lock will be closed to prevent water in the washing drum from flowing outside and ensuring safety for families with young children and pets. Therefore, if you want to open the washing machine door to add clothes, press the Pause button to pause.

However, if you use a washing machine line with Samsung’s Add door feature, you will easily put clothes in the machine while the Samsung washing machine is operating with a specially designed small door located on the main door.

Below is a video for you to take a closer look at the Add door feature of Samsung washing machines:

How to safely open the door of a front-load washing machine while running

Below are instructions for washing machines that do not have the Add door feature.

Step 1: Press the Pause button to pause the washing program and add more clothes.

Step 2: Then, you open the washing machine door and add clothes but must ensure the machine’s allowed volume.

Step 3: Press the Start button to let the machine continue running the previously running program.

Samsung Inverter 10kg washing machine WW10TP44DSH/SV

Samsung Inverter 10kg washing machine WW10TP44DSH/SV

Some front-load washing machines are doing business at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Toshiba Inverter washing machine 8.5 Kg TW-BH95S2V WK

Toshiba Inverter 8.5 Kg TW-BH95S2V WK washing machine has an elegant, neutral white color, modern front door design with a total washing capacity of 8.5kg, this washing machine model will be the perfect choice for laundry needs. of a family with 3 – 5 members.

The washing machine uses Greatwaves super wave washing technology to help remove stubborn stains on clothes easily, giving you clean, beautiful clothes in just a snap.

Thanks to being equipped with Real Inverter technology with smart sensors, this washing machine also has the ability to automatically measure water flow speed and amount of laundry, thereby offering the most optimal washing program, boosting the ability to Clean clothes, save electricity and water effectively.

0% installment payment


Toshiba Inverter 8.5 Kg TW-BH95S2V WK

5,990,000 VND 6,990,000 VND-14%

See featured features

  • Luxurious design, suitable for many spaces.
  • For families with 3 – 5 members thanks to a washing capacity of up to 8.5 kg.
  • 16 washing programs help you freely choose.
  • For those with busy lives, the 15-minute quick wash feature.
  • Automatic washing drum cleaning feature, saving time and costs.
  • Customize water temperature from 20 ~ 90 degrees Celsius.
  • More convenient with automatic restart feature when power is restored.
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See details

I bought it 1 month ago.. just now reviewing it for everyone in need. The machine is very good in its price range, cleans even shirt collars, has many convenient washing modes, especially the 15f quick wash for clothes that are not too dirty, just absorb sweat.. people say the machine is noisy.. me Only a bit noisy when the extractor rotates in fast mode.. the rest is ok.. 9/10 points.

Le Thi Quynh Hoa – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Save laundry detergent and water. The machine runs smoothly, very satisfied. Will recommend to friends and relatives

NGUYEN THI THANH TUYEN – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

I bought this product for more than half a year. I feel like the laundry is much cleaner than the vertical drum. My job is technical so it’s greasy and dirty but still cleans. Regarding DMX store, customer service is attentive and polite. From the sales person to the installation staff, everyone has a very friendly way of communicating with customers. Service quality 10/10. However, I give professional advice. For sales staff: they need to prepare technical specifications and have a basic understanding of some machine parameters. Because I bought a spare booster pump, the machine only requires a minimum water pressure of 0.05 Mpa. I placed the 3000 liter tank 3m high (to the bottom of the tank) and still had enough pressure to run the machine. Installation staff need a chief technician to guide them on the optimal installation location and appropriate use of installation materials. Because after those guys installed it, I took out the equipment, mounted the pump in a more discreet, aesthetically pleasing location, and installed a flexible water pipe that bends along the wall more neatly. It’s my fault that I asked to install it late, so I didn’t ask for it. After you complete the installation, you sign a paper for you to leave early. Customers are increasingly knowledgeable and have higher standards, so the system also needs to be more methodical in service and installation. Dedicated and professional, the more loyal customers will be! Just giving feedback to the store, I’m completely satisfied.

Hung Cuong – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Electrolux Inverter washing machine 10 Kg EWF1024BDWA

Electrolux Inverter 10 Kg EWF1024BDWA washing machine has a sturdy, modern appearance with traditional white color, front door design with English – Vietnamese bilingual control panel, for your convenience. The machine has a total washing capacity of 10kg, suitable for families with 5 – 7 members.

This washing machine is equipped with hot water washing technology that can adjust the temperature to suit each type of fabric, helping washing powder dissolve better, quickly removing stubborn stains, killing bacteria and other harmful substances. allergens.

In addition, the product is also integrated with Eco Inverter technology to provide smooth operation, limiting annoying noise for the washing machine, thereby improving longevity and saving electricity and water for your family. same efficiency.

0% installment payment


Electrolux Inverter 10 Kg EWF1024BDWA

Goods must be shipped back

10,990,000 VND 13,290,000 VND-17%

See featured features

  • For families with 5 – 7 members with a washing load of up to 10 kg.
  • 15 built-in washing programs, meeting the family’s laundry needs.
  • Cleans effectively, reduces residue better with Sensor Wash sensor.
  • Dissolve detergent effectively and protect clothing color with the UltraMix system.
  • Anti-wrinkle clothes, anti-bacterial with Vapor Care steam washing function.
  • Save electricity and water effectively with Eco Inverter technology.
  • Softens fabric fibers and protects skin with hot water washing mode.
  • Add clothes even when the machine is already running.
  • 15-minute quick wash mode for busy people.
  • Save time with the self-cleaning drum mode.
  • Safe for children with child lock feature.
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See details

I’ve only had it for a few days and it works fine, the washing is smooth, and when drying the machine shakes is normal, overall it’s very ok 👌

Nguyen Hoang Linh – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Good product. Washing machine is clean. Dries well, runs smoothly. Initial impressions are very satisfactory. Thank you Dien May Xanh for bringing customers the best products.

Nguyen Thi Hien – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

I just bought a 10kg machine from Electrolux. The washing machine is very good and runs very smoothly compared to my old machine. And especially when washing, fabric fibers do not stick to clothes. Washing takes less water and saves money. I am very satisfied with Electrolux products

Hoang Quoc Dung – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Aqua Inverter washing machine 8.5 kg AQD-D850E W

The Aqua Inverter 8.5 kg AQD-D850E W washing machine has an elegant white color scheme along with a luxurious, modern front door design and a total washing volume of 8.5kg, so this promises to be an ideal choice for the family. There are 3 – 5 members, making the interior space more prominent.

This Aqua washing machine is also equipped with a stainless steel Pillow washing drum with small drainage holes that not only help you clean but also protect clothes during the washing process, preventing the risk of fabric fraying and tearing. thread, keeping clothes as durable and beautiful as new.

In addition, the washing machine also uses a direct drive motor combined with Inverter technology for smooth operation, limited noise, giving your family a good night’s sleep and saving electricity. dominant.

Aqua Inverter 8.5 Kg AQD-D850E W

Stop business

See featured features

  • Washing capacity of 8.5 kg for families with 3 – 5 members.
  • Integrated 16 washing programs, handling a variety of laundry needs.
  • The machine operates smoothly with a direct drive motor.
  • Save space, easily pick up clothes and large blankets with a 525 mm washing drum.
  • Disinfects and softens clothes with hot water washing technology.
  • Save electricity thanks to Inverter technology.
  • Clothes look as good as new with a stainless steel Pillow washing drum.
  • Antibacterial and mold protection with antibacterial door seals (ABT).
  • Save cleaning time with the self-cleaning feature on the inside of the door – Smart Dual Spray.
  • More secure with child lock feature.
  • Timer function helps users save time.

See details

I’m using it very well now, my clothes wash cleanly, the machine runs smoothly. If there is any problem, we will proactively contact DMX for support later.

Le Trung Duc – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

I just found it smooth to use. I don’t know why. The installer advised me to only adjust the temperature to 800 degrees. I shouldn’t adjust the temperature unless there’s a baby, wasting electricity. I give it a 5-star rating.

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North – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Bought it when it was first launched in 2019 until now, the machine is still running smoothly!!! Recently bought another horizontal nesting machine for home use! Just introduced it to a lady near my house!!!

Anthony – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

LG Inverter 8.5 Kg washing machine FV1408S4W

LG Inverter 8.5 Kg FV1408S4W washing machine has a sophisticated, modern design, compact size with a total washing volume of 8.5kg, meeting the laundry needs of small families with 3 – 5 members. .

This washing machine is applied with 6-motion washing technology that accurately simulates hand washing: Smashing, compressing, kneading, rotating, stirring, and rubbing to help clothes be washed quickly and beautifully.

Not only that, the washing machine is also equipped with AI DD technology and LG Steam steam washing technology to help provide the appropriate level of drying and washing force for clothes, remove allergens, and reduce wrinkles on clothes after washing. when washing.

0% installment payment


LG Inverter 8.5 Kg FV1408S4W

Goods must be shipped back

7,990,000 VND 12,190,000 VND-34%

See featured features

  • Smooth operation, minimizing fabric damage thanks to 6-motion DD technology combined with AI artificial intelligence.
  • Save electricity effectively with Inverter technology.
  • For families of 3 – 5 people thanks to the washing capacity of 8.5kg.
  • Kill bacteria and eliminate allergens with Steam steam cleaning technology.
  • Quickly diagnose and handle washing machine errors thanks to Smart ThinQ smart utility.
  • Convenient to be able to add laundry during the washing process.
  • Improve cleaning efficiency with 6-step hand washing simulation technology.
  • More peace of mind with the child lock feature.
  • Durable with stainless steel washing drum.
  • 14 diverse washing programs help meet family laundry needs.

See details

I bought 2 LG washing machines of the same type. Overall, the head unit I bought for my wife has been running smoothly for 1 year. So this year I bought it for my mother’s family to use. The product is only sold at the correct price when purchased online, but in stores the price increases too much. But about the product, I still rate it 5 stars, because the quality is quite good and easy to use

From Kien Trung – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Bought it 5 months ago, the machine is very good and convenient, very satisfied with the product

Dao Thi Thuy Linh – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

The washing machine is very quiet and clean, but the amount of softener the machine takes in is small, so when I wash it, it doesn’t smell as fragrant as washing by hand (even though I intentionally add a lot of softener, the machine only gets enough to use).

ID – Purchased at thtrangdai.edu.vn

Hopefully the things shared above will help you open the front-load washing machine safely while running. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below for answers!

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