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Ceiling speakers are specially designed with the ability to mount on the ceiling, helping to save installation space for users of audio speakers. If you are wondering about choosing a good brand of ceiling speakers that will help you listen to quality music and good sound, join thtrangdai.edu.vn to find out this article now!

What are ceiling speakers? Characteristics and structure

Ceiling speakers are speakers that are mounted on the ceiling and have the speaker’s face facing down towards the floor, so they are also called ceiling speakers or ceiling speakers. This line of speakers usually has a circular structure with diverse speaker capacities to serve different music enjoyment spaces, such as halls, offices, cafes, etc.

Ceiling speaker characteristics

Ceiling speakers are very popular because they possess many features such as:

– Provides stereo sound quality: Because most ceiling speakers often have high impedance, the sound quality is very realistic and vivid.

– Save space and installation space: Because they are placed on the ceiling/ceiling of the room, ceiling speakers do not take up much space in the room compared to other speaker models such as box speakers and sound bars in sound systems. .

– High durability: Ceiling speaker models often have speaker frames made of high-quality alloy material, which is safe and rarely damaged during use.

Bose FreeSpace 3 ceiling speakers

Structure of ceiling speakers

In general, ceiling speakers consist of 3 main parts:

– Speaker shell: The speaker shell is made of good anti-rust alloy and has a minimalist design but still creates a highlight in the room space. In addition, many ceiling speaker models have waterproof and highly durable shells that can withstand many factors in harsh environments.

– Bass membrane: Made from high-quality material and has good elasticity, contributing to creating bass sound (bass sound).

– Drivers: Is the main part of the speaker to create sound. For example, the magnet is the part that helps the speaker emit sound and maintain sound balance during playback. The transformer helps stabilize the power source going into the speaker so that the speaker does not operate at too much capacity.

Structure of ceiling speakers

Illustration of ceiling speaker structure

Things to note when choosing to buy ceiling speakers

Like other speakers, when choosing to buy ceiling speakers, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Choose ceiling speakers according to your needs

Depending on the purpose of use, you choose the appropriate ceiling speaker. For example, choosing ceiling speakers for the purpose of listening to music, making announcements (in supermarkets, hospitals, airports, etc.) or conveying information (in company halls, schools), will help you You can select speaker power and other modes – built into the speaker to suit your needs.

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Choose ceiling speakers according to the space used

Each space will have different noise and quiet characteristics, so choosing ceiling speakers will not be the same.

For example, in open spaces with a large number of people moving around (such as supermarkets and hospitals), the installation of ceiling speakers needs to be in large quantities, and the speaker positions need to be allocated appropriately. and the sound quality doesn’t have to be too loud. In particular, the speaker design should not be bulky to facilitate installation.

In small spaces like a family karaoke room, you should consider installing ceiling speakers because it is unnecessary and costly.

Choose ceiling speakers according to the space used

Choose ceiling speakers according to capacity

You should choose ceiling speakers with a capacity suitable for the installation space, specifically:

  • With a capacity of 6W or less: Suitable for places with low noise levels such as hospitals, hotels and apartments.
  • With a capacity of 6W – 15W: Suitable for locations with average noise levels such as garment factories.
  • With a capacity of 30W – 60W: Often used for installation in places that need loud and clear sound quality such as gyms and auditoriums.

Choose ceiling speaker capacity compatible with the amplifier

When choosing the power of ceiling speakers, you should also compare and consider the power of the amplifier so that there is no power difference between these two devices, because:

  • Amplifier capacity is smaller than ceiling speaker capacity: Will not be able to fully exploit the speaker’s inherent capacity, costing initial investment (because the greater the capacity, the more expensive the ceiling speaker tends to be).
  • Amplifier capacity is greater than ceiling speaker capacity: Howling can easily occur and make the sound conveyed unclear.

Choose speaker capacity compatible with the amplifier

Famous ceiling speaker brands today

Below is a list of the top 7 famous ceiling speaker brands today that thtrangdai.edu.vn has compiled:

Bosch ceiling speakers

Bosch was founded in 1886 and is one of the largest industrial corporations in Germany with continuous development in 60 countries with more than 193 manufacturing plants and a number of employees of more than 232,000 people worldwide. world.

This brand is known for many household products such as Bosch dishwashers, range hoods, induction cookers,… and even Bosch ceiling speakers.

Bosch ceiling speakers

24W ceiling speaker Bosch LBC3099/41

Bosch ceiling speaker models all meet EVAC standards, meaning the speakers will maintain and ensure the sound system works well in all circumstances to deliver the best sound quality. In general, high-end Bosch ceiling speakers all possess some of the following characteristics:

– Ensures sound quality and clear voice transmission thanks to a separate sound waveguide design with a titanium-coated dome shell.

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– Overload protection feature because it can handle abnormally high input signals.

– Beautiful design, suitable for any space and easy to install.

JBL ceiling speakers

JBL is a brand belonging to the American Harman corporation, dating back to 1946 by founder James Bullough Lansing. This is one of the famous audio equipment brands in the world, from affordable to high-end products with diverse designs and serving many different uses.

JBL ceiling speakers

JBL Control 24CT Microplus ceiling speakers

In general, JBL ceiling speakers possess many features that consumers cannot ignore such as:

– Realistic, gentle and deep sound quality.

– Diverse capacity, suitable for many uses.

– Long durability with an average lifespan of about 8 years.

– Easy bluetooth or wifi connection, convenient for control and brings better experience to users.

– Easy to install and pair with many other audio devices.

Bose ceiling speakers

Bose is also an American brand, dating back to 1964 with founder Dr. Amar Bose and is currently headquartered in Boston, USA. This brand is famous for product lines ranging from sound filters for theaters, stereo systems on car models to high-power speakers for stadiums.

Bose ceiling speakers

Bose DS 16F ceiling speaker

Consumers favor Bose ceiling speakers because they have a number of characteristics such as:

– Meticulous design, diverse materials from plastic to metal, suitable for the user’s sound system investment budget.

– Stable performance, can be used for many hours while still ensuring sound quality.

– High durability, easy pairing with other devices in the sound system, meeting the needs of use in different spaces such as halls, hotels, restaurants,…

OBT ceiling speakers

OBT is a brand from Germany, possessing many outstanding advantages in researching and developing audio equipment in this country. Most notably, sound equipment in performing arts.

OBT ceiling speakers

OBT 605 ceiling speakers

OBT ceiling speakers possess many advantages that consumers choose such as:

– Exquisite design with super durable white Polyprolene plastic shell.

– There are many suitable capacities for different usage spaces.

– Equipped with a noise canceling mechanism to help make the output sound quality realistic and warm, without causing discomfort. In particular, limit the amount of sound distortion that occurs.

– The speaker bowl design is larger and often integrated with bass, contributing to better bass.

TOA ceiling speakers

TOA is a Japanese brand and was founded in 1934 by Mr. Tsunetaro Nakatani, famous for professional audio equipment and security equipment. Currently, the TOA brand appears in many countries around the world with factories in most major product distribution markets.

TOA ceiling speakers

TOA PC-648R ceiling speakers

TOA ceiling speakers have a similar design to OBT ceiling speakers, which many people often confuse. However, this speaker model also possesses many advantages such as:

– Reasonable price with good sound quality, suitable for most listeners’ requirements.

– Elegant design and beautiful design, creating a highlight in the installation space.

– Excellent sound reproduction in all conditions.

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– Connect easily to other devices in the sound system.

Yamaha ceiling speakers

Yamaha is a brand originating from Japan founded by Mr. Torakusu Yamaha in 1887. Initially, Yamaha was a company specializing in manufacturing pianos.

Then, thanks to its understanding of light and durable alloy manufacturing technologies, after World War II, Yamaha began to apply those technologies in other fields such as engine and motorcycle manufacturing to other fields. electrical equipment that we know today.

Yamaha ceiling speakers

Yamaha VXC series ceiling speakers

The Yamaha ceiling speaker line has many features that consumers should experience such as:

– Exquisite design with curved surface and hexagonal speaker grille shape, to improve sound clarity.

– Equipped with a transformer that helps the speaker operate with flexible high and low impedance levels, providing realistic sound quality.

– Optimal sound reproduction.

Jamo ceiling speakers

Jamo is a brand originating from Denmark founded by Mr. Preben Jacobsen. However, currently the Jamo speaker brand is owned by the American corporation Klipsch. This is also one of the brands commonly found in home audio systems, cinemas and theaters.

Jamo ceiling speakers

Jamo IC608FGII ceiling speakers

Today, Jamo ceiling speakers receive trust from consumers because they possess a number of characteristics such as:

– Sound quality is highly accurate, realistic and reduces noise as well as optimal sound distortion.

– Sophisticated design, featuring a white color scheme, so it coordinates easily with other devices in the space.

– Buying Jamo speakers is easy to install with the design and weight of the product meticulously researched by the manufacturer, creating conditions for users to install quickly.

– Durable.

Summary table of famous ceiling speaker brands today:



Made in

Outstanding features


Price range




Overload protection function, good input signal processing

12 months

200,000 – 2,600,00VND



China, Korea,…

High durability, easy bluetooth and wifi connection

12 months

900,000 – 6,300,000 VND




Exquisite design, diverse materials

12 months

550,000 – 17,300,000 VND




Equipped with a sound canceling mechanism, minimizing sound distortion

24 months

200,000 – 2,000,000 VND



China, Vietnam,…

Reasonable price, beautiful design

12 months

280,000 – 2,500,00VND




Unique design, good sound reproduction

12 months

8,000,000 – 13,300,000 VND




Easy installation, high durability

12 months

2,600,000 – 11,000,000VND

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