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Who is Lucie Nguyen?

Lucie Nguyen (real name Nguyen Phuong Dung was born in 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City), is a beautiful, attractive business woman. She is a social media celebrity with more than 200 thousand followers on Instangram, 224 thousand followers on Facebook. Currently, she is the boss of a major fashion brand and a photographer with close relationships with many artists and beauties in the showbiz world. She and hot boy Tuan Duong are the couple that attracts the most fans in the show Perfect Confession. This couple received a lot of attention from the online community.

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Who is Lucie Nguyen?

Recently, in a livestream Lucie Nguyen suddenly revealed her plan to marry her boyfriend. When asked by fans to get married, this beauty shared that she was going to Da Lat to consult the location for an outdoor party. She is thinking of a plan to have a party in the forest or on the river. This time, she traveled to many places to find a beautiful wedding venue. This beauty also shared that she will go to Korea soon to see if Korea has a beautiful place to entertain guests.

Few people know that the beautiful Lucie Nguyen started her career in Saigon when she was 19 years old. She used to do many different jobs such as photographer, office worker, operating a wedding dress studio, etc. Currently, she is the owner of a high-end designer fashion brand called ELPIS.

This beautiful businesswoman is constantly developing her brand and reaching for success step by step. Few people know that, on a new day, with a job as a photographer, Lucie’s fortune is just a camera. At that time, she looked very “manly”, having to go outdoors all day to take pictures. After opening a wedding dress studio, she also single-handedly prepared for each photo shoot.

When ELPIS first launched, it was just a few items sold online. After that, gradually opened a small shop on Dien Bien Phu street. After that, the new brand gradually developed and is as sustainable as it is today. From her experiences, Luice Nguyen wants to remind young people that they should not pressure themselves to be successful, to be perfect. Instead, we need to approach new things to improve ourselves every day.

Detail Biography of Lucie Nguyen who is he?

Full name:

Nguyen Phuong Dung

Date of birth:

March 2, 1990

Year old:

32 years old (as of 2022)

Home town:

Ho Chi Minh City

Where to live and work:

Ho Chi Minh City






Lucie Nguyen





Lucie Nguyen real name Nguyen Phuong Dung was born in 1990, in Ho Chi Minh City. She is one of the hottest girls on social networks with more than 200,000 followers on instagram and more than 250,000 followers on her personal facebook page.

Lucie Nguyen – Businesswoman with a successful career

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Originally, Lucie Nguyen started her career in Saigon when she was 19 years old. Before having a successful career like today, she had to work many different jobs such as photographer, office worker, wedding dress studio operator, etc. The businesswoman once shared, when she fell in love. With a career as a photographer, her fortune is only the camera. She looked very masculine at that time because she had to work outdoors for a long time.

Currently, the beautiful Lucie is the owner of a high-end fashion brand. At the time, when this brand was first launched, it was just a bunch of things sold online. After that, sales gradually improved and she decided to open a small shop on Dien Bien Phu street. Gradually, the brand is more and more known and sustainable as it is today.

Lucie Nguyen – Businesswoman with a successful career

Phuong Dung once shared that she is not afraid of failure, wherever she falls, she has to stand up for herself. She believes that only confidence, bravery, and perseverance can create success. And from the experiences that she has accumulated in her career journey, she wants to remind young people not to put pressure on themselves to succeed, to be perfect, but to approach new things in order to succeed. change and improve yourself more and more.

Revealing the love story of Lucie Nguyen

It is known that she participated in two dating shows “Who is that person” and “Perfect confession”. She impressed the audience with her attractive beauty and extremely hot body. Most notably, Lucie Nguyen is also considered by many to be both beautiful and rich. In the show Who is that person, the story she shared about breaking up with her ex-boyfriend touched many people.

However, through the program, she also returned home alone when she chose someone who already had an owner. This has made many viewers feel sorry for the beautiful girl. 3 years ago, while sitting on the hot seat of the program, Lucie was impressed by her beautiful beauty and genuine pro5, both a photographer and the owner of a series of famous business brands.

The story of breaking up with an ex-boyfriend because he cared about his career, not thinking about getting married, made many people feel sorry for Lucie. In episode 10 of season 2, she left alone when the boy chosen as the flower had an owner.

Lucie Nguyen is paired with a hot boy 9 years younger than her

Recently, the beauty appeared in the program Perfect Confession and paired with Tuan Duong a hot boy 9 years younger than her. It is known that both of them have known each other for a long time and have had time to hang out with friends and in that group of friends, there is also Otis.

In that show, Tuan Duong also had experiences about his low self-esteem. He confided, “I have feelings for you, but I don’t dare say it because I feel that I am different in everything. I’m also afraid that you’ll criticize me for being a child, criticizing me for being young, criticizing me for being poor, and we play together,” he stammered. However, he also used all his courage to stand up and conquer the simple heart of the most beautiful woman in his heart.

The businesswoman was suddenly confessed to by a handsome boy 9 years younger than her on a dating show

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Faced with Tuan Duong’s confession, she decided to open her heart and accept him. The businesswoman also has a condition that both must go through a private date to know if the other is really her other half.

Super romantic sisterly love story

Lucie Nguyen’s lover is Tuan Duong (born 1998) who is a Gen Z model with a handsome appearance. Having studied design, Tuan Duong is getting more and more attention thanks to modeling, advertising and also self-employment.

The talented and beautiful couple have a charm thanks to participating in the gameshow “Perfect Confession” in 2022. Until now, Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong have been together for 1 year and are about to return home with a sweet confession. sweet that many people admire.

Hand in hand to leave the program “Perfect Confession”, Lucie Nguyen gave Tuan Duong a trial time before officially entering a serious relationship. After 2 months, the new couple decided to date. It is known that the love story of the two also has many interesting things.

In the beginning when they were getting to know each other, Tuan Duong once burst into tears because he encountered an unhappy incident at work. At that time, Lucie Nguyen was the one beside to encourage and share. In particular, after that time, the two also understood each other better, bonded and became lovers. Because of the 9-year age difference, in love, the two have a rather special way of calling themselves. Sometimes they say their names, sometimes they say “boss” and “employees” or sometimes they are still used to saying sisters.

Since publicly dating, Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong have become a couple admired by many young people on social networks. Wherever they go, whatever they do, everyone is jealous. Not only that, the couple both possess bright appearance, outstanding talent and have many things in common, so they are complimented everywhere they go.

Even though he is younger than his lover, Tuan Duong is also very handsome. He shows maturity and is a shoulder that the beauty can trust and rely on. In particular, every holiday or anniversary, he does not hesitate to invest “huge” money, creating a surprise for his “beautiful sister”.

On social networks, many times netizens have to witness the “wage” of the couple. Most recently on Valentine’s Day, Tuan Duong gave Lucie Nguyen earrings of an expensive brand. It is known that Jennie (BLACKPINK) also owns these earrings, so Lucie Nguyen really likes them and he immediately responded to this.

Besides the valuable gifts, many times Tuan Duong spreads fresh flowers and balloons all over the house just to make his lover happy and see his “beautiful sister” smile. The two also gave each other many sweet and loving words every time they posted photos on social networks.

The pressure of loving a “beautiful sister” who is both rich and talented and much older than her age

Even though they are very happy, the couple still receives a lot of gossip because of their age difference in their love story. Especially Tuan Duong, the male model heard many bad comments when he decided to love Lucie Nguyen.

Tuan Duong also admitted that dating Lucie is a stressful thing for Gen Z guys. He once shared that he was so stressed that he cried because he heard too many conflicting opinions. Many people think that Lucie Nguyen is too successful and Tuan Duong only loves because of finances, “clinging” to his lover, etc. However, he thinks that the best relationship is still felt by insiders. It is impossible because of the unequaled comments of outsiders to break or give up.

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Next to Tuan Duong, Lucie Nguyen is always loved as a “baby”. The guy always creates many surprises for “beautiful sister”

As for Lucie Nguyen, she also stood up to defend and protect Tuan Duong when she believed that there should be no discrimination or too much calculation in love affairs. The businesswoman said that she also thought it was difficult for the two to reconcile when the age gap was too big. However, Tuan Duong’s sincerity, playfulness and youthfulness made her change and completely believe in her decision.

Gen Z male model also affirmed that saying he “relying on” his lover is not accurate. Because both of them founded a fashion brand, they go together from operating, idea to design, sales, etc. Everything is based on the principle of respect and support, not anyone. into who.

When “beautiful sister” is ready, I am ready and the proposal is unexpected

Because she is over 30, also of marriageable age, Lucie Nguyen once said that she had a clear contract with her lover. Within a period of 2 years, 3 years or sometimes 1 year, Tuan Duong must try within that period of time. If it doesn’t work, the two will break up. At that time, Tuan Duong answered a question that made people admire: “How much time you give me is how much I will receive. I will try during that time. When you’re ready, I’ll be ready.”

Recently, after 1 year of dating, the couple officially had a happy ending, opening a new page in their love story. On the evening of March 25, the couple’s marriage proposal was officially held. In the romantic space, the talented couple makes netizens jealous with their sweet and happy moments.

Lucie Nguyen’s unexpected marriage proposal – Tuan Duong

On this special day, Tuan Duong prepared a lot of fresh flowers and elaborate decorations at a film set. Not only that, he also knelt and proposed to Lucie Nguyen with a diamond ring worth half a billion dong. The party also had the participation of many famous people who are close friends of the couple such as Diep Lam Anh, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Ky Duyen – Minh Trieu.

Before that, Tuan Duong’s family also went to see Lucie Nguyen’s family to discuss the wedding. Currently, fans are looking forward to the big day of this talented couple.

Businesswoman “reveals” about her marriage plan

Currently, this beauty is having a happy love with her boyfriend. In a recent livestream, the beauty surprised many people when she revealed her marriage plan. She also shared that she will go to Da Lat to look at locations to host outdoor parties. This time she will travel to many places to find a suitable location.

Above are the answers to Who is Lucie Nguyen? Along with that is her biography, career and love story, compiled by us Hope this information is useful to readers. Remember to visit us every day to read more new information!

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