Thương hiệu Makita của nước nào? Có những sản phẩm nào nổi bật?

Which country’s Makita brand are you viewing? What products stand out? At you can quickly access the necessary information in the table of contents of the article below.

Makita is one of Vietnam’s leading brands in the hand tool business. So which country’s Makita brand is from, and what makes its products stand out? Let’s find out now with

Makita brand – Famous brand from Japan

Makita is a long-standing brand in the field of electric motor business and repair, founded in 1915. This is Japan’s leading manufacturer of hand-held power tools, with products such as: grinders, electric motors, etc. drill, cutter, saw, sander,…

In Vietnam, Makita company is the 46th subsidiary of this company, established in 2009. Makita products are trusted by Vietnamese people because of their durability, affordable price and sturdy design.

Makita logo

Makita brand products are being officially sold at supermarket systems nationwide, you can buy directly at the store or order online through:

  • Website:
  • Purchase hotline: 1800.1061 (Free) from 7:30 – 22:00 (both Sundays & holidays)

(Warranty policy updated on date 08/06/2022 and may change over time. See more updated information here).

Outstanding products come from the Makita brand

Grinding machine

Currently, Makita’s grinding machines at have 3 main types: angle grinders, mold grinders and edge grinders. These machines all share the same characteristics of being compact, easy to handle and convenient for moving.

Edge sanding machine

Makita M3700B 530W edge sander is designed to be compact and convenient

Some salient features:

  • Handles work effectively with a capacity of 400 – 2200W, no-load speed of 11000 – 35000 rpm to help grind and cut quickly, saving working time.
  • Neat design, light weight, convenient machine movement and easy operations.
  • Comes with many accessories to make your work easier such as: bracket, wrench, diaphragm.

Drilling and screwdriver

Makita’s drills and screwdrivers have many types, meeting the diverse needs of users. There are types of machines such as rotary drills, multi-purpose drills, bolt tighteners, concrete drills, etc.

Bolt tightening machine

Makita DTW1001RTJ 18V battery-powered bolt tightener (2 batteries, 1 charger) has a sturdy and sturdy design.

Some salient features:

  • Neat design, sturdy, sturdy design with anti-slip handle.
  • The machine uses a carbon brush motor, has a simple structure, stable operation, and supports the drill bit to move accurately.
  • Supports drilling on all materials such as walls, wood, steel.
  • The angle grinder has a disc guard that helps limit debris and sparks during use, ensuring user safety.

Cutting machines

There are many types of Makita cutting machines on the market today, serving a variety of user needs. At you can refer to cutting machine models such as: tile cutting machine, metal cutting machine, iron cutting machine.

Makita iron cutting machine

Makita M2403B 2200W iron cutting machine has good bearing capacity and rust resistance.

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Some salient features:

  • The shell material is sturdy, has good bearing capacity and is rust-resistant in all working conditions. Most have a blue exterior that is easy to see and easy to clean.
  • The handle is made from sturdy, synthetic plastic, covered with an anti-slip layer to help ensure user safety when operating.
  • Long power cord is convenient for connecting the device to the power source.
  • There is a safety lock to support machine operations to ensure user safety during construction.

Saw machine

Makita saws help users cut deeply and quickly on different types of materials such as wood, iron, and steel with different thicknesses. There are different types of saws such as: circular saw, circular saw.

Metal band saws

Makita M4302B 450W circular saw with a handle designed to fit comfortably and have high friction.

Some salient features:

  • The machine’s design is covered in sturdy, durable plastic, with good impact resistance and good rust resistance in wet working environments.
  • The machine is equipped with a protective shield to help minimize saw dust splashing into people.
  • The handle is designed to fit comfortably with high friction, and has a soft rubber cushion to help limit slipping when hands are sweaty, ensuring maximum safety for the user.
  • The machine can adjust the cutting speed to suit the material and work purpose, bringing speed and convenience to the user.

Sanding machine

Makita’s sander is compactly designed with sturdy material that is impact resistant and well insulated. The machine is specifically used in iron and steel mechanical workshops, wood workshops, etc.

Vibrating sander

Makita M9201B 180W vibrating sander is designed with a durable plastic cover.

Some salient features:

  • The machine is designed with a durable, insulated plastic outer shell and is covered with a striking blue paint.
  • Comfortable operation, easy to hold with comfortable, anti-slip handle.
  • Equipped with a dust bag to help minimize the inhalation of dust mites into the lungs, saving time cleaning up after construction.

Car washing machine

Makita car washers have a compact, beautiful design that makes them easy to move to many locations. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a variety of nozzles and accessories to meet many different cleaning needs. The machine can be used to support the cleaning needs of households or businesses.

Makita HW101 1300W high pressure washer

Makita HW101 1300W high pressure washer is designed with a high-quality plastic shell, waterproof and easy to clean.

Some salient features:

  • The case is made of high-quality plastic, making it waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Easily move to many locations depending on needs with a design with handles and wheels.
  • The machine operates durably using a brush motor and copper core.
  • Flexible cleaning in hidden corners or small crevices thanks to equipped with accompanying accessories such as: gun, high pressure hose, long power cord.

Hot air blower

Hot air blowers are specialized for industrial use, often used in applying glue to motorbikes and glass doors thanks to the heat blowing function to melt the materials, making operations easier.

Makita HG6530V hot air blower

Makita HG6530V hot air blower

Some salient features:

  • Convenient to take the machine to many places to use thanks to its sturdy, neat design.
  • Easy to hold and has a certain amount of friction to avoid slipping thanks to the sturdy handle.
  • The outer shell is sturdy and well insulated to ensure safety when used.
  • The machine has strong performance and can clean all surfaces, recesses and grooves.
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Makita M4001B 600W dust blower

Temporarily out of stock

1,656,000 VND 2,070,000 VND-20%

See highlights

  • Compact design with a weight of 2 kg, convenient to move when used.
  • 600W capacity, 16000 rpm no-load input speed helps blow strong air.
  • Use a 220V voltage source suitable for the national grid.
  • The power cord is 2m long so it is convenient to clean in remote areas.
  • Equipped with additional dust bag and blower accessories for additional support when in use.

See details

Milling machine

Milling machines are often used to mill flat surfaces or machine surfaces with complex profiles. This is a specialized machine for cutting corner edges and creating decorative shapes for wood products.

Makita M3600B 1650W electric milling machine

Makita M3600B 1650W electric milling machine is suitable for doing many jobs in many different environments.

Some salient features:

  • Makita milling machines are suitable for working in many different environments thanks to their compact, sturdy design.
  • The machine has good bearing capacity and resists deformation when subjected to strong impacts thanks to being machined from high-quality alloy material.
  • Ensuring user safety with a sturdy handle design, high roughness and covered with an insulating layer.

Shock reductionShock reduction

Makita M3600B 1650W wood milling machine

Only sold online

3,872,000 VND 4,840,000 VND-20%

See highlights

  • Makita milling machine has a compact, sturdy design. Weight of 5.5 kg for good bearing capacity.
  • The device is machined from high-quality alloy material, has good strength, is non-abrasive and anti-rust.
  • The handle is designed to be sturdy and has high roughness to help prevent slipping.
  • Brushed motors are popular on the market and operate durably.
  • Power capacity is 1650W and maximum air cutting speed is 22,000 rpm.
  • The maximum milling depth of 60 mm allows for easy adjustment, suitable for many positions and wood block sizes.

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Polishing machine

Makita polishing machine is used to rub materials with rough surfaces or scratches to become smooth and shiny. After being polished, objects can create a mirror effect to increase the aesthetics of the product.

Makita polishing machine

The Makita 9237C 1200W polisher is extremely safe to use with an outer shell made from good plastic, insulated and resistant to deformation when subjected to great force.

Some salient features:

  • Safe to use with an outer shell made from good plastic material, insulating, and anti-deformation when there is a large impact on the machine.
  • The handle is covered with soft rubber, designed to fit the hand to help limit slipping.
  • It doesn’t take much time or effort because the base has a large diameter, an average of 180mm, which helps polish surfaces with large cross-sections.

Shock reductionShock reduction

Makita 9237C 1200W polishing machine

Only sold online

7,392,000 VND 9,240,000 VND-20%

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See highlights

  • Compact design, sturdy handle.
  • Work quickly with a capacity of 1200W, no-load speed of 3200 rpm.
  • Base diameter 180 mm, for wide polishing range.
  • Polishing function helps smooth surfaces easily.

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Makita planers support cleaning and smoothing wooden surfaces in interior decoration, helping the material become more aesthetic and easier to process and design.

Makita wood planer

Makita M1902B 500W wood planer has a reasonable price but high working efficiency.

Some salient features:

  • The machine possesses a carbon brush motor with reasonable price and high working efficiency.
  • The wood planer quickly helps shorten working time thanks to its powerful 500W capacity and no-load speed of 16,000 rpm.
  • Conveniently adjust the cutting blade according to your grinding needs and the condition of the object with the included rotary knob.

Shock reductionShock reduction

Makita M1902B 580W wood planer

Only sold online

1,588,000 VND 1,986,000 VND-20%

See highlights

  • Sturdy design, 2.7 kg weight, comfortable handle.
  • 580W capacity comes with a maximum no-load speed of up to 16,000 rpm.
  • Use wood shavings, smooth surfaces of details, utensils, etc.
  • Adjust the grinding blade simply with the knob on the machine, planing 82 mm wide, planing 1 mm deep.
  • Equipped with convenient accessories.

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Nail gun, staple gun

Makita nail gun uses safe steam pressure with high pressure and strong speed to shoot nails onto walls to hang objects or other surfaces. Using a nail gun will help you save time and ensure the aesthetics of the machined surface.

Makita AF353Z nail gun

Makita AF353Z nail gun is designed to be user-friendly to help make operations faster and more convenient.

Some salient features:

  • The trigger is designed to be user-friendly for faster and more convenient operation.
  • The nail nose maker attaches securely and durably to the machined surface with high shooting pressure.
  • Ensures user safety thanks to being equipped with an insulating cover.
  • The nail bit depth can be easily adjusted to get the desired range and strength.

0% installment payment

Shock reductionShock reduction

Makita AF353Z nail gun


2,968,000 VND 3,710,000 VND-20%

See highlights

  • Neat design, sturdy shell, good insulation, anti-rust.
  • Use to shoot nails into walls, wood, paper at high speed, shooting pressure of 0.45 – 0.69 MPa, maximum depth of 15 – 35 mm.
  • 130-piece nail tray for convenient continuous operation, nail size 23 Ga (15 – 35 mm).
  • The machine can adjust the nail tip depth, has a dust spray, and uses steam pressure to create quick and safe shooting force.

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Above is an article to help you better understand the product lines of the Makita brand. Hope this article will help you, if you have any questions, please comment below!

Thank you for viewing the article Which country is Makita brand from? What products stand out? At you can comment, see more related articles below and hope to help you with interesting information.

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