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Electrolux refrigerators are a Swedish brand, with luxurious designs, advanced refrigeration and antibacterial technology to keep food fresh. Many users are hesitant about whether to buy an Electrolux refrigerator, please refer to this article immediately to get the answer!

Prestigious brand from Sweden

Electrolux is a Swedish brand, founded in 1919 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand is currently present in more than 150 countries globally, providing products that understand users and are of good quality.

The Electrolux brand specializes in trading and manufacturing products such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, clothes dryers, range hoods, etc., which not only ensure quality but also Affordable price, suitable for many users.

Electrolux brand logo

More specifically, Electrolux also brought home many outstanding achievements such as:

  • 2010: The world’s 2nd largest company in home appliances by market share.
  • 2010: One of the top 5 companies in consumer durable goods worldwide voted by Forbes magazine.
  • In 2013: Electrolux achieved revenue of more than 288 trillion VND and had a total number of employees of up to 61,000 people.

Electrolux refrigerator is one of the famous products and is popular with many customers. The refrigerator has a modern, highly aesthetic design, integrating advanced cooling, antibacterial and deodorizing technology, helping to preserve food well and safely.

Electrolux brand headquarters in Sweden

The price range meets all different high and low needs

Electrolux refrigerators have a rich price system so you can easily find yourself a satisfactory refrigerator within your price range. As follows:

  • Under 5 million VND: Electrolux Mini refrigerator, capacity of about 45 – 94 liters, suitable for students or renters. Families, hotels or motels can also use this cabinet model to preserve fruit, drinks, cosmetics, etc.
  • From 8 – 12 million VND: The cabinet has a capacity of 253 – 312 liters, designed with a traditional upper freezer compartment and a modern lower freezer compartment that harmonizes every space. The product is good for families of 2 – 4 members.
  • From 12 – 15 million VND: The refrigerator has a luxurious design, a capacity of 308 – 341 liters, suitable for families of 3 – 5 members or small families that need to store a lot of food for use during the day. 1 week.

Electrolux refrigerators have a price range that meets all high and low needs

Electrolux Inverter 308 liter refrigerator EBB3462K-H costs 14,090,000 VND (updated October 23, 2022, subject to change over time)

  • From 15 – 20 million VND: Electrolux refrigerator has a sophisticated, compact bottom freezer design, with a capacity of 335 – 400 liters, suitable for homes with 4 – 6 members and the need to preserve a lot of food.
  • From 20 – 30 million VND: Refrigerators are designed with trendy and classy Side by side and Multidoor designs, large cabinet capacity from 505 – 624 liters, good for families of 5 – 6 members or need a lot of storage. Food used for a long time.
  • From 30 million VND or more: Side by side and Multidoor refrigerator designs are highly aesthetic, suitable for homes with large areas, capacity from 609 – 619 liters, good for families with 6 members or more. need to store a lot of food.
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Electrolux Inverter refrigerator 571 liters ESE6141A-BVN costs 26,990,000 VND

Electrolux Inverter 571 liter ESE6141A-BVN refrigerator costs 26,990,000 VND (updated October 23, 2022, subject to change over time)

Diverse capacity for you to freely choose

Depending on the number of family members and usage needs, you can choose to buy an Electrolux refrigerator with many different capacity levels, specifically as follows:

  • Under 150 liters: The refrigerator has a mini refrigerator style suitable for families of 1 – 2 members, students or people who work and live in a dormitory and often move.
  • From 150 – 300 liters: Electrolux refrigerators are designed with a luxurious bottom freezer compartment, harmonizing every space, meeting the needs of families of 2 – 3 people.

Electrolux 94 Liter refrigerator EUM0930AD-VN is suitable for 1 - 2 users

Electrolux 94 Liter refrigerator EUM0930AD-VN has a capacity of 94 liters, suitable for 1 – 2 users

  • From 301 – 400 liters: The product has a bottom freezer and top freezer for users to freely choose, suitable for families of 3 – 4 members.
  • From 401 – 550 liters: Refrigerators have luxurious and classy Side by side and Multidoor designs, good for families of 4 – 5 members or those who need to preserve a lot of food.
  • Over 550 liters: Electrolux refrigerators have trendy Side by side and Multidoor designs, perfect choices for families with 5 or more members or small families that need to store a lot of food.

Electrolux refrigerators have a variety of capacities for you to choose from

Electrolux Inverter 335 liter refrigerator EBB3742K-H has a capacity of 335 liters, suitable for families of 3 – 4 people

Beautiful, modern design, suitable for youthful and dynamic living spaces

Modern luxurious exterior

Electrolux refrigerators are often highly appreciated because of their luxurious and sophisticated designs with the main color tone being silver or black. Thanks to that, the refrigerator becomes very classy and stylish, making the space more eye-catching.

In addition, Electrolux refrigerators also have a high-quality outer shell made of stainless steel and mirror-like glass, creating a modern look for the interior space, bringing high durability to the product and making it easy to clean when needed.

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Electrolux refrigerators have a modern, luxurious exterior

Electrolux Inverter 312 liter refrigerator ETB3440K-H has a top freezer design, using extremely modern mirror-coated metal, easily combined with indoor design.

Door design and freezer compartment location

Electrolux refrigerators have 2 – 4 door designs including designs such as:

  • Upper freezer compartment: This is the most popular refrigerator model of the store because it is easy to use. It can help you feel secure because children cannot play with the freezer compartment, which often contains raw meat and fish.
  • Bottom freezer compartment: Modern, luxurious bright style helps users get food quickly and easily without having to bend over for too long, especially suitable for families with the elderly.
  • Side by side: Styled like a wardrobe with 2 doors opening on both sides, making the usable space more prominent and eye-catching.
  • Multidoor: Consists of 4 doors, has a trendy and classy beauty, has a variety of compartment sizes and drawers to help store and organize food more conveniently.

Electrolux refrigerators have a 2 - 4 door design

Electrolux Inverter 609 Liter EQE6879A-B refrigerator has a luxurious, classy Multidoor design with many convenient food storage compartments.

LCD control panel design and external water faucet

Some Electrolux refrigerator models in the high-end segment such as Multidoor cabinets or Side by side cabinets will be designed by the company with an LCD control panel outside the door, which is both luxurious and convenient. You can easily adjust the temperature to preserve food at its freshest.

In addition, Electrolux refrigerators are also designed with an external water faucet or minibar, helping you quickly get a glass of cool water without opening the refrigerator door, avoiding heat loss and helping to save electricity.

Electrolux refrigerators have a convenient external water faucet design

Electrolux Inverter 308 Liter EBB3442K-A refrigerator has a convenient external water faucet design, avoiding loss of cold air.

Modern shelves and shelves can be moved

The shelf is made of very sturdy, high-quality tempered glass and can withstand weight up to 100kg, allowing you to comfortably fill the cabinet with food.

In addition, the Electrolux refrigerator also has a flexible FlexStor movable shelf system that allows you to make the most of the cabinet’s storage space, meeting all storage needs for oversized foods.

Modern shelves and shelves can be moved

Electrolux Inverter 341 liter refrigerator ETB3760K-H has a durable, sturdy glass tray that holds a lot of stored food

Specially designed vegetable compartment

The cabinet is designed with large and self-contained TasteLockAuto, TasteSealPlus and TasteLock fruit and vegetable compartments to preserve a lot of food and avoid mixing odors with other foods. At the same time, the humidity of the compartment is adjusted appropriately to help food stay fresh longer.

The vegetable compartment of the Electrolux refrigerator has a special design

Electrolux Inverter refrigerator 308 liters EBB3442K-H extends the time of preserving fresh vegetables thanks to the TasteLockAuto compartment

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Advanced cooling technology

EvenTemp cooling system

The refrigerator is equipped with modern cooling technology, notably the EvenTemp cooling system to help keep food fresh. EvenTemp stratifies the cold air flow throughout the compartments and cools each compartment separately, ensuring optimal food preservation and stable temperature throughout the entire compartment.

Electrolux refrigerators are equipped with EvenTemp cooling system

Electrolux Inverter 312 Liter refrigerator ETB3460K-H has an EvenTemp cooling system that helps cool evenly and preserve fresh food

Two independent indoor units

Electrolux equips its refrigerators with the technology of two independent indoor units with 1 indoor unit for the freezer compartment and 1 indoor unit for the cool compartment. Thanks to that, food is preserved fresher and tastier. In particular, the food does not mix with bad odors, the dish always retains its full flavor.

Electrolux refrigerators have two independent indoor units

Electrolux Inverter 341 Liter refrigerator ETB3740K-A is equipped with two independent cooling units, good preservation and avoiding odors

Modern antibacterial and deodorizing technology

The modern antibacterial and deodorizing technology on Electrolux refrigerators is Taste Guard technology. This technology uses an activated carbon filter with the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, minimizing odors caused by food during storage and preservation.

Thanks to that, the air inside the refrigerator is always clean and cool, the family’s food always maintains its freshness and ensures the safety of the user’s health.

Electrolux refrigerators are equipped with Taste Guard antibacterial and deodorizing technology

Electrolux Inverter 335 Liter EBB3742K-A refrigerator is equipped with Taste Guard technology to remove bacteria and odors in the refrigerator.

Preserve food with a variety of technologies

Electrolux refrigerators are equipped with diverse technologies to help preserve food fresher and more optimally:

  • TasteSeal soft freezer: Keeps food at -2 degrees Celsius, eliminating the need to defrost, saving time when processing, while also maintaining the freshness and flavor of meat and fish for 7 days .
  • TasteLock Vegetable Compartment: Preserves fresh vegetables longer, up to 7 days, minimizing dehydration, waterlogging or wilting with a filter that automatically adjusts humidity, retaining natural nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Electrolux refrigerators preserve food with a variety of technologies

Electrolux Inverter 335 Liter refrigerator EBB3762K-H is equipped with a TasteSeal soft freezer to help prepare food without defrosting

Above are 7 reasons to immediately buy an Electrolux refrigerator for home use. Hope you will choose the right refrigerator model. If you have any questions about the article or the Electrolux refrigerator, please leave a comment below the article!

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